A ‘WORLD’ exclusive: Peter Pan talks!

Kettering Times 07/19/2013


Peter Pan is now playing at La Comedia Dinner Theatre in Springboro.

You know the tale about the young boy who refuses to grow up and whisks away the Darling children to the mysterious land where childhood lasts forever.

It is also home to the villainous pirate, Captain Hook, who will stop at nothing to

defeat Peter and his crew of Lost Boys.

One of the world’s most celebrated musicals, Peter Pan, features show-stopping songs such as “I Won’t Grow Up,” “Never Never Land,” and “I’m Flying.”

Interestingly, the copyright of Peter Pan, originally written by Sir James M. Barrie in 1904, was left to a children’s hospital in London, and thousands of children have benefited from his gift in the years since his death.

Even though the tale has been told on stage, in movies, television and a Disney cartoon, Peter Pan has never spoken to the press, until now.

The staff here at ‘The World According to Buch’ (which consists of me, myself and I) have been requesting interviews for months and after much negotiation (I promised Peter the recipe for La Comedia’s signature salad dressing and sweet potato soufflé. He and his agent drive a hard bargain), Peter agreed to a sit down with yours truly.

BUCH: “Well first, thanks for taking some time out from your busy schedule to chat, Peter. Oh, by the way, can I call you Pete?”

PP: “You’re welcome, but no, my name is Peter, Peter Pan.”

BUCH: “Oh, like James Bond, right?”

PP: “Who?”

BUCH: “Ah, never mind; so Peter, tell me about you.”

PP: “Well, as a young child, I fell out of my carriage and was taken by the fairies to Neverland to live with the other Lost Boys and they made me their captain. I can fly because I think lovely thoughts. I am youth, joy, and freedom.”

BUCH: “That’s cool, Pete, I mean Peter, sorry. So, I have a million questions. How about the flying thing? What’s your favorite part of flying and don’t tell me it’s the complimentary peanuts?”

PP: “Huh? Oh, well, it is pure freedom. I can go way up high, way down low, or anywhere else I want to go.”

BUCH: “Sounds like my career; at any rate, why is Captain Hook so mean? Did he wake up on the wrong side of the hammock?

PP: “That’s funny Butch.”

BUCH: “It’s Buch!”

PP: “Have you ever heard of a friendly pirate? I also heard he’s a Leo. He has so many accessories to keep up with – all his buttons and fancy jackets. Not to mention his long curly hair – he’s very high maintenance. The fact that I cut off his hand and fed it to a crocodile doesn’t help, I suppose.”

BUCH: “Yeah, that would probably do it. So, does Tinkerbelle drive you nuts?”

PP: “She is a bit high strung, but she’s a great friend. Tink never sits still – always darting around and hiding things. She definitely tests my patience but I’d never change her for the world.”

BUCH: “Sounds like my oldest daughter; ok, do you think you’ll ever grow up?”

PP: “My future plans are to remain in Neverland forever, so NO! There is a song in the show called “I Won’t Grow Up,” if that gives you any idea about my feelings on the matter.”

BUCH: “OK, moving on. How did Never Never Land get it name?”

PP: “First of all, it’s Neverland, not Never NEVER Land. You’ll find so many treasures when you get there, more precious than gold, and once you find your way there, you can never ever grow old.”

BUCH: “Wow, that sounds great. Any chance I could get some of that fairy dust? I hate waiting in airports.”

PP: “Now that’s why I never wanna grow up. Only an adult would want something as awesome as fairy dust for something as silly as that. If you’d like, I could take you outside and teach you how it’s done. You seem immature enough to pull it off.”

BUCH: “Thanks, I think. Let’s get right to the tough questions. Are you and Wendy an item?”

PP: “What have you heard? You know you can’t believe everything you read or see on TMZ, Butch. Wendy will always be special to me. Any other questions regarding Ms. Darling should be forwarded to my publicist.”

BUCH: “Wow, sorry if I touched a nerve there and … it’s Buch! OK, this question I’ve always wondered about – do you like peanut butter and what brand is your favorite? Maybe, Peter Pan ha, ha, ha.”

PP: “Oh don’t even go there. You know I get nothing out of that deal? How’d you like it if every time you went grocery shopping and saw “Buch-O’s” cereal in everyone’s cart, and you never got a dime? If I were a grown up like you, I’d call my lawyer.”

BUCH: “Interesting, Buch-O’s huh? Let me make a note of that. Well, finally, I need to ask you about the show.”

PP: “After I teach Wendy, John, and Michael how to fly in the show-stopping number ‘I Can Fly,’ I whisk them away to the mysterious land where childhood lasts forever, Neverland. It’s also the home to the villainous pirate, Captain Hook, who will stop at nothing to defeat me and my crew of Lost Boys.

It’s one of the biggest shows ever at La Comedia. Our clothes, which they keep calling costumes, are really nice. They also built Captain Hook a brand new pirate ship, but he’s still really mean.”

BUCH: “So, if people are having a bad day, what’s your advice?”

PP: “Call La Comedia Dinner Theatre at 1-800-677-9505 or visit www.lacamedia.com and order your tickets to come see Peter Pan, playing through September 1. I can’t imagine anyone leaving in a bad mood. In fact, it will be a memory you and your family will never forget. Well, that’s it, I gotta fly. Thanks Butch.”

BUCH:”Oh no, thank-you PETE!”

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