Bucher Back on the Beat @ Clifton Mill Summer 2014

ABC22/FOX45 Commercial

Find out all the happenings at the Clifton Mill this year! Historic Clifton Mill is one of the largest water powered grist mills still in existence. The first mill at this site was built in 1802 by Owen Davis, a Revolutionary War soldier and frontiersman miller. The mill was built in this location to take advantage of the natural power of the concentrated water funneled into the gorge. Owen Davis and his son-in-law, General Benjamin Whiteman also built a saw mill and a distillery. Soon a village known as Davis Mills sprang up around the mills. The Little Miami River powered five other mills that were built within a mile of Clifton Mill; a woolen mill, saw mill, paper mill, barrel mill and another grist mill. Clifton Mill is the only one still standing. Come visit the mill in person. It will be an enjoyable and educational experience you will long remember. During Spring and Summer you can tour the inner workings of the mill to see first hand one of Americas earliest industries. At one time there were approximately 100,000 mills in this country. Now there are less than 100 still in their original operating condition. On display inside Clifton Mill is a collection of over 300 flour bags from mills around the country. Many of these bags are over 100 years old and are beautiful, colorful examples of some of America’s first advertising practices. Outside at Clifton Mill you can experience first hand one of this country’s disappearing treasures, the covered bridge. Walk across our 90 foot authentic wooden bridge across the Little Miami River and enjoy the spectacular views of Clifton Mill, Clifton Gorge, the Little Miami River and its waterfalls.

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