Bucher Back on the Beat @ War Horse

I go on the beat to check out what people are saying about War Horse, playing at the Schuster until 10/27/13.


WAR HORSE exerts its pull from the moment the title character, Joey, first trots on stage as a foal, petted by his owner and best friend, 15-year-old Albert. As you become aware that Joey is a puppet, not a real horse, you’ll be captivated by the way he shudders and whinnies at Albert’s loving touch. Joey’s lifelike eyes, shining and reflective, draw us into the soul of his journey. Set during the First World War, WAR HORSE combines a powerful story with thrilling stagecraft and music. In addition, it showcases what may be the most inventive use of puppetry ever seen on stage. Soon after meeting him as a young horse, you’ll watch in amazement as an adult Joey, 8 feet tall, materializes before your eyes.

Video by; www.clapboardvideo.com



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