Fun in the fall

With the chilly temperatures upon us and leaves turning vibrant colors, it got me thinking of fun things to do in the fall, right here in our home base.

And of course, you, our loyal readers, have your faves.

I have my personal places, but hundreds of pairs of eyes are much better than one.

So, here’s a sampling from all of you.

Rose always makes a trip to Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm which, by the way, is an awesome year-round destination.

Kathryn’s vote is for the Lewisburg Haunted Cave – and, she said, they have concessions.

Amanda said, “Hiking in Clifton Gorge; John Bryan [State Park] and of course a visit to Young’s Jersey Dairy.”

Hey, don’t forget to swing by Historic Clifton Mill, too!

Libby chimed in with, “Festivals like The Ohio Sauerkraut Festival. Oddly, one of my favorites is Woodland Cemetery when the leaves are changing. Back road drives to look at changing colors.”

Also, Libby loves Halloween.

“I decorate the house with leaves, pine cones, pumpkins,” she said. “Lots of lights for color.”

Leslie likes to rake leaves and added, “Love all the festivals.”

Some people prefer their own homes.

“My back deck fire pit and a cold beer,” said Patrick.

Ah yes, there’s no place like home.

Vicki loves The Riverside Jaycees Haunted House and lots of folks make trips to area farms.

Shelby said, “A trip to Fulton’s Farm is in order.”

“Brumbaugh’s Fruit Farm in Arcanum,” added Amy Elizabeth.

Cynthia likes a “long drive to The Winds in Yellow Springs for lunch. Their pumpkin-squash lasagna is only available through October and is amazing. Followed by a hike through John Bryan Park.”

Wow, I’m on my way!

There are, of course, plenty of corn maze fans out there as well.

Terri said, “Tom’s Corn Maze with my daughter and all the grand kids and friends. We just went this past Saturday with about 30 middle school kids from Mad River Local [Schools].”

Better you than me, Terri!

Jayme added, “Just being out and about with the colors starting to change, that’s what I love about Ohio in the fall – all the colors.”

I’ll second that!

“A walk in any of our beautiful MetroParks is always a treat,” said Susan. “LOVE the farm markets, too.”

Wanda added, “Going to Kentucky next weekend for a family reunion. It is at a state park and the trees are beautiful. Plus, the drive through southern Ohio on Route 68 is gorgeous as well. Also, I like to go to Brown County, Indiana.”

Eve takes a hike up north: “Idle-Hour Ranch near Troy!!! They have a very cool Australian-themed corn maze, family movies shown on the side of the barn on Friday and Saturday nights, the Morris family’s Elephant Encounter is there for a few weeks (Cora was the mama elephant in the movie ‘Smokey and the Bandit 2!’)… They’re open Friday-Sunday noon–6 p.m. through the last weekend of October.”

I think that was a plug …

Reneé has her list: “Sauerkraut fest, Applefest, bonfires, hiking the MetroParks, too.”

Kevin’s favorites are, “Windmill Farm, Bonnybrook Farms, hike in a MetroPark, Clifton Gorge, apple picking and bonfires.”

“One of my favorite places to visit anytime of the year, but especially fall is The Secret Garden,” said Terry. [U.S. Route] 42 south to [Ohio State Route] 73 west, just a small piece up and on the left. It is a very pretty place and the store and gardens are wonderful. Check them out if you get the chance.”

Stephanie makes fall a learning experience: “I have my students do a leaf collection at Woodland Cemetery. They have an amazing tree selection.”

One of the best in the country, I might add.

“[The] Renaissance Festival,” said Mary Beth. “We’ve gone every year since it opened. It makes fall a little easier to take!”

Do ye want another turkey leg???

Ann Marie loves “picnics/hiking at the various Five Rivers MetroParks/Englewood and Taylorsville Reserves, Carriage Hill Farm. Apple picking seems to be something my friends in Columbus enjoy, then you have various fall festivals. Wonderful time of year.”

Pat added, “Hunt, hike, bike, fishing.”

Brian left us with a chuckle: “I do the same stuff as I did in summer, but with less sweat.”

Jim said, “You gotta get to Foy’s in Fairborn. We’ve been going for years, think it’s their 85th year now. They do Halloween right!”

Steve voted for, “The Family Funfest at the Dayton Vineyard Church, Oct. 31.”

Doreen can’t enjoy fall at the moment: “Currently, I am re-roofing my house. Oh wait, that’s the OPPOSITE of fun.”

Good luck, my friend.

Walt said, “Homearama at Auteur Estates Oct. 17 to Nov. 2.”

Hey there, buddy, the sales department will be contacting you for an ad!

Linda loves “when I rake my leaves and throw them on the neighbors’ lawn, who actually own the trees.”

Wait, did I just write that?

Cheers and happy fall!


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