‘Move’ is a four-letter word

To me, there’s nothing worse on the planet than one particular question. It causes me heart palpitations, anxiety and pain. To some, its mere utterance has brought about broken friendships and even divorce. I’m talking about this: “Hey, can you help me move?” Just mentioning it caused me to break out in a cold sweat. Moving someone from point A to point B is never easy. No matter who it is and how much stuff is to be relocated, it never, ever seems to go as planned. This all started when I moved out of my parents’ home a little while ago. Now at that time, 19 I believe, I had very little as far as stuff. You know, a stereo, a couple of speakers, a few clothes, a pair of tennis shoes or two and a six pack of something, all in the trunk of my car. It was an easy move; it took all of an hour. But as you live your life, it seems, you collect more stuff. So, the next move may take a pick-up truck because of a couch, chair, more clothes, the aforementioned tennis shoes and a 12 pack of something. Following me? Another move, more stuff; a van this time and a case or two of something. It was with mixed emotions my oldest daughter moved out. I should say “moving” because it’s been a three-day ordeal and some of her stuff is still at my home. Let me back up. A date was agreed upon to “do the deed.” And I thought, for 17 years I’ve been either helping or doing things for my child, but this time it was her turn to go it alone, as far as planning the move. They’ve got to learn sometime right? Boy, was that a mistake. Woulda, coulda, shoulda comes to mind, as this move was nothing short of a disaster. The first sign of trouble was her bed. While taking it apart, we noticed a few visitors decided to set up camp. Yep, you guessed it: bed bugs. Something we’ve never, ever had in my home. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some positives with these critters. For one, unlike my daughter’s friends who eat everything in sight, bed bugs don’t go into the fridge, use the shower or generally destroy my home. Look how crazy I’ve gotten: I want my daughter out of my house so bad along with her friends I’m debating the positives of bed bugs. Parents of teens, can you feel my pain? So, there was no bed to move, other than to the curb for bulk waste pick-up. Just as well, the bed is 50-plus-years-old – it was my grandmother’s. One less thing to move is awesome. Her new home is half a double, and as we arrive with my van jam-packed with stuff in garbage bags, I soon realize she has no furniture, no curtains and – most importantly – no toilet paper. It’s off to a couple local discount stores to stock up. So far, this move has cost me a few hundred bucks in supplies, but the result is one less kid in my home. It’s worth it. Now, some bad news: one of the three roommates decides not to move in. This means, of course, a really tight budget among the remaining two. And I have this sinking feeling she’ll be moving back when this all implodes. How much does it cost to change the locks? This also brings back horrible memories of moving my mother. After my dad passed in 1997, she decided to move to Palm Springs, Calif. We packed up 50 years of married life and shipped it out west. After a few years, mom wanted to be closer to the grandkids and moved back. 10 Wilmington Place was her choice, but then a year later, yet another move to an apartment in Kettering. After a mere 365 days, it was time for an assisted living facility. But less than a year later, we needed to move to a retirement home that catered more to her needs. I’m telling you, the Two Men and a Truck guys became family friends. Also, we spent so much money with them, the name changed to Three Men and a Convoy. I believe in helping small business any way I can. So, remember: I’ll watch your pet, cut your grass and maybe even wash your car, but never, ever ask me to help you move. Just call Four Men and an Armada. Wow, they must be doing well. Cheers! Buch A regionally known and loved local television icon for over 25 years, “Buch’s” followers describe him as trust-worthy, fun, the guy next door, a friend and role model. You can promote your business with Buch and grab your customer’s attention!

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