To Google or not to Google …

 OK, we’ve all done it. You’d be lying if you tell me “No.” I’ve done it a few times. It’s not illegal, of course. Well, in our country at least. But in light of recent events, our government probably already knows we do it.

I’m talking about Googling ourselves. Just to see what comes up. Not only about us, but others that share our name.

For instance, if you Google “Jim Bucher,” “” pops up. It’s a website highlighting the services of a former local TV reporter, now on his own, offering his face and voice for TV and radio ads, emceeing events and producing web videos for your business all with the “Bucher” brand name behind it. Yes, that was a blatant plug for my business.

Other Jim Buchers include an old-time baseball infielder/outfielder for the Brooklyn Dodgers, a race car driver and a real estate agent in Wisconsin.

When you Google DCP Editor Kyle Melton, up pops a list of his many duties like, as mentioned, Dayton City Paper editor extraordinaire who also covers music and other things for the paper, plus founder and current member of the band Smug Brothers. But, the other Kyle Meltons in the world of Google bring a teen charged with robbing a fast food restaurant. Now, I know Kyle likes fast food, but he’s far from being a teenager. Sorry, Kyle.

How about our fearless leader, Owner and Publisher of Dayton City Paper, Paul Noah? Well, there are Paul Noahs all over the place. A businessman in Canada, a restaurateur in California and a convicted axe murderer in Arkansas who was recently released. Wait, Paul did you ever live in that part of the country? (I say with a nervous laugh.)

Actually, there’s only one Paul Noah and we’re lucky enough to have him here.

(And no, Kyle, I didn’t say that because my yearly performance review and raise is coming up. Nobody likes a smart aleck editor.)

How about some local celebs?

James Brown from Channel 7 – well, of course we think of the godfather of soul and the hardest working man in show business, right? But some other Google finds include an NFL football player, professor at a university and a Civil War private. Our James Brown, to me, is the godfather of local news.

On the other end of the desk is my friend Cheryl McHenry who, when Googled, brings a school administrator, a state police sergeant and – I’m cheating a bit here – a Cheryl Richards from McHenry College in Illinois.

By the way, Cheryl and myself are in the Dayton Area Broadcasters Hall of Fame Class of 2013 with the induction ceremony coming up Oct. 31. Yes, me. Scary, huh?

A.J. Wagner, candidate for Dayton mayor in the upcoming November election and colleague here at DCP, brings a plethora of finds, including a president and CEO of a consulting firm, an auto industry veteran and owner of A.J. Wagner & Son Roofing and Siding Company in Chicago.

If you use Google “future” though, it says “Mayor A.J. Wagner.” Just sayin’.

When Montgomery County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman’s name is searched, up comes Debbie Lieberman Pottery, Debbie Lieberman Photography and a Debbie Lieberman who was a realtor in Sarasota, Fla. but is now retired.

Florida? Retired? Sounds good, doesn’t it Deb?

OK, how about my buddy Jeff Stevens of the MIX 107.7 FM morning show and a die-hard Dayton City Paper junkie. Well, there’s a Jeff Stevens, big time “hot country producer” responsible for Luke Bryan’s albums, a Jeff Stevens baseball player, a Jeff Stevens skateboarder and a Jeff Stevens president and CEO of Western Refining. They deal in oil and natural gas. And if you know Jeff as well as I do, he and natural gas go hand in hand.

Jeff, I kid!

Moving on to our neighboring city’s mayor, Don Patterson of Kettering. Don’s Google results are an American jazz organist from Columbus, a reptile breeder in Canada and a football coach in Missouri. Don, I’ve seen you play football and play the organ. Please keep your day job as mayor.

Again, I kid.

Finally, our congressman from the area, Mike Turner. Many know our Mike graduated from Belmont High School and was Dayton’s mayor for a time, right? Well, the other Mike Turners of Google Land include a couple of Mike Turners in the Oklahoma and Tennessee statehouses; A Mike Turner who is an L.A. based music supervisor for film and TV; Another Mike Turner is a 6-foot 8-inch, 222-pound forward for the Northwestern University Wildcats who posted two points and two assists for his first collegiate game, a win over Texas Southern last season; And a comic book artist responsible for many covers for Marvel and DC Comics.

Well, they sort of have something in common – Congress can be kind of comical at times.

So, here’s the assignment to my faithful readers out there: Go ahead, Google yourselves and let me know what comes up. You may be surprised.

By the way, if you Google my name and something comes up about a Jim Bucher and numerous speeding ticket violations, it’s not me.




For more than 25 years, “Buch”  has been a local television icon. Known and loved by thousands in the Miami Valley, his followers describe him as trust-worthy, fun, the guy next door, a friend and a role model. When it comes to promoting your business, Buch has the ability to grab your customer’s attention.


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